Alfred Attard

Independent Non-Executive Director

In June 2021, following a career spanning almost 45 years, Alfred retired from his employment with Bank of Valletta p.l.c. where he held several managerial and executive roles. Throughout his career Alfred was mostly involved in credit with focus on business lending. Before his retirement, Alfred held the post of Chief Officer Corporate Finance and was responsible for the Bank’s Corporate Finance Unit which provides personalized attention and tailor-made financial solutions to the Bank’s high valued corporate clients. Over the years, Alfred was involved in the financing of several high-profile projects. Alfred is an Associate of the Institute of Financial Services and holds a Diploma in Banking. In 1995 he spent 6 months at the Bank’s representative offices in Australia and between April 2016 and April 2021 he served on the Board of Mapfre Middlesea p.l.c. as one of the Bank’s nominated directors, where he also held the post of Chairman of the Audit Committee. Alfred’s experience in corporate lending, in particular funding of large scale projects, will benefit the Issuer in raising the appropriate structured finance for its projects, corporate governance and financial discipline in project management.

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